Let the wheel of tea decide who’s making the next round of cuppas!

Do you sit with the same people day after day at work? Do you always seem to be the one making the tea? Then it’s time to spin the Clipper Wheel of Tea in your office! Just add in your friends and let the wheel decide who’s making the next cuppa.

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V2.0 - coming soon. Free download

So how does it work?

Additional features

Store a choice of tea, from the Clipper range, along with any milk and sugar normally taken


Scoreboard to keep an ongoing tally of the tea makers


Easy option to remove whoever may not be around at work that day

Download from the iPhone App Store

Add the names, photos and tea choices of your friends

Shake your phone to spin the wheel and decide the loser of this round

They must then head to the kitchen to get everyone’s drinks

Start again next time you’re thirsty!

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